Young children parade the streets for Black Lives Matter: ‘This legit made me cry’

On June 11, Heather Christo took to Instagram to share a photo and video of several young children marching down a block while selling popcorn. The kids, some of whom carried signs that said “Black Lives Matter,” were reportedly trying to raise money to support the National Urban League, a civil rights organization that advocates for economic and social justice on behalf of African Americans.

“I was feeling pretty down today, so I thought I would take a walk to clear my head and try to spare my family,” Christo wrote. “When I rounded the corner a few blocks from my house I heard little kid voices yelling and followed the sound to the most wonderful sight!”

The author said she soon learned that the children were trying to raise $1,000 for the organization.

“I, in a miracle of miracles had cash on me — so I made my donation, and told them how awesome they are and to please keep up their amazing work,” Christo continued. “They said ‘I bet you want to take a picture of us, huh?!’”

Christo’s post immediately went viral, receiving over 60,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

“This legit made me cry,” one person wrote. “Thank you for sharing. So nice to know our next generation may truly have a better life than we did & [heartwarming] to see these young souls playing their part.”

“Thank you so much for sharing this!!” another added. “I needed to see something like this in a time with so much anger and grief. GOD bless our little children. It really goes to show that we are not born with hatred in our heart!”

The children’s parade comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of demonstrators across the world have taken to the streets to protest against police brutality and systemic racism toward the Black community. It also comes weeks following the death of George Floyd, who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes.