An Overview of Travel


An Overview of Travel

Travel is the moving motion of individuals between different geographic locations. Travel can be to a nearby place, to further a distance, across continents or to far places. Traveling is a great adventure for most people, as it broadens their horizons. Travel can also be one way, usually by car, bicycle, plane, train, bus, sea or other mode, and is one or round trip for those who don’t have much luggage.

Traveling may include a journey within a country, a journey abroad or a journey to another country for tourism purposes. When we travel from place to place, we call it “traving”. Traveling within a country means traveling within that country, to travel abroad is when a person travels outside that country to visit another place. The word “journey” is derived from the Latin verb “jubere”, which means “to go forth”. Thus, travel is a journey, either inward or outward.

A journey in America could be a westward drive, an eastward drive or a north-to-southerly drive. In English, the verb (which is usually used to describe traveling) is often replaced by “travel” and “drive”. Therefore, the sentence, “I am going on a trip up the west coast, to see some California cities, traveling up the west coast, to see some California cities.” The west coast, west or south coast is where the travel ends. However, the travel can still take place along the entire length of the line, as in the example given above.

The verb “travail” describes the action or progress of moving or proceeding. Thus, the sentence, “I am traveling over the mountains, from one place to another.” Although the mountains are at the end of the trail, the travel continues from one place to another. Traveling westward on the way to the promised land is called travail, travel west is travel, traveling north is travel, traveling south is travel, etc. The same thing is true for the verb “leave” which is usually described as proceeding downhill.

A short vacation is any travel that is less than a week long. A one-week vacation, for example, would be considered a short travel. It might only be a week long, if it happened to be between two different places that are not too far away from each other. A two or three day trip would be considered a short travel, a four to five day trip a medium length travel, a seven-day trip to a long travel and a ten day trip or even more could be a long travel. A lot of travel is measured in miles, so anything over a few hundred miles is considered a short vacation.

A traveler has many options for travel. There are airplanes that fly regularly to a variety of destinations around the world. There are airlines that offer direct flights and then there are travelers that can take advantage of connecting flights and use the connecting flights to make a more extensive traveling experience. Travelers can also opt to travel by train, car and bus. Some people choose to travel by road as well, which gives more options for those looking for shorter trips.