Careers In Graphic Design And Web Design

A designer is an individual who designs the shape or design of something before it’s even made, usually by sketching or taking detailed drawings. Often times, the term “designer” is used interchangeably with “artist,” with the difference usually resting on the medium used. Designers can be involved in the creation of products, services, or events. In general, a designer’s work will most likely be seen by a select group of people – often other artisans and professionals. The purpose of this article is to help define the difference between an artist and a designer.

Web Designer An individual who creates websites, online documents, logos, or graphic illustrations that are used by clients to present products or information. Web designers are a bit rarer than designers in the average rate ranges; typically, a web designer would have to work on a project for several weeks before seeing a significant income. Web designers are often sought out by large corporations who want to use a designer on a specialized degree of a website. Web designers may not have as many responsibilities as artists, but their role is very important to the success of a company.

Graphic Designer Designers produce images and other designs by using specialized programs and sometimes in-house design studios. Freelance graphic designers are sought after by businesses to create brochures, business cards, or advertising pieces because of their ability to produce high-quality work at a reasonable price. While freelancers can find work in many different areas, their best bet is to focus their efforts on producing quality, unique graphics that meet specific requirements and expectations. Many businesses prefer to hire freelancers because they are able to customize their designs, which minimizes the likelihood of having a design that doesn’t convey a firm, cohesive message. Many companies prefer to have a cohesive, consistent look and feel to their product.

Web and Application Designer Web designers play a large role in the creation of websites, applications, and interactive media for corporations, non-profit organizations, and schools. Their skills required include creating eye-catching interfaces, implementing complicated technologies, and providing a user-friendly, intuitive interface that utilizes basic functions to maximize effectiveness. Web designers usually work with database development and integration to provide users with a seamless and pleasant browsing experience. Most web designers specialize in one or two areas.

Brand Designer If you would like to make a splash in the world of fashion or design, you should consider becoming a brand designer. Brand designers are responsible for creating the overall design concept and visual identity for a new product line. Brand designers should not be confused with advertising designers, though they work closely in both fields. Some of the design principles that these professionals learn include creating product presentations that appeal to both the consumer and the corporate clientele. These professionals often must work closely with creative marketing executives to determine what visual images will be associated with the new product or service.

Fashion Designer With a strong combination of creativity, technical know-how, and marketing savvy, fashion designers create the clothing and accessories for popular consumer trends. Those who choose to become full-fledged fashion designers will likely spend several years in college learning to create different styles, patterns, colors, textures, and designs. The best fashion designers will work with fashion consultants to determine the best products to promote for maximum sales. If you are interested in gaining employment in this field, it is important to master the skills needed to work productively in a fast-paced environment.