Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies


Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding is an occasion where two individuals are legally joined in matrimony. Wedding traditions and customs often vary significantly between countries, cultures, religious communities, and nationalities. Most weddings follow certain traditions that date back thousands of years, to the ancient Greek and Roman wedding ceremonies. These practices focused on a ritualistic act of gathering before dawn, a celebration of the coming together of two families into a single institution, and the pledging of loyalty to each other as husband and wife for the rest of their lives. Throughout history, various customs and traditions have emerged to form the basis of modern wedding ceremonies, many of which have survived intact through the centuries because they are so closely connected to our fundamental values.

In the United States, under customary laws, a bride typically gives her groom one day prior to the wedding to prepare and arrange for an extraordinary care of his health. This is considered to be a pre-nuptial agreement, which means that it binds the bride and groom to each other in the event of divorce. In addition to this, a bride usually gives her parent’s permission to be present at the wedding. Her family is also allowed to make a list of the people who will provide monetary support during the wedding, if need be. Groom and bride also typically make a promise to support each other during their marriage and to the children of the bride and groom.

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom typically exchange rings. The ring is then given to the family of both the bride and groom. If there are children from either side, the bride and groom will also name them before presenting the ring to the family. Once the wedding party and guests have left, the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon. The wedding ceremony usually takes place at a hotel or some other place of the guests’ choice.

A more ceremonial type of wedding occurs when a church wedding is performed. The wedding vows that are used in these types of ceremonies generally do not take quite as long as those listed above. Instead of saying, “I do,” couples say, “I love,” “I am filled with love,” or “our love is so full.” Other phrases that couples use during these types of weddings include “you are the light of my life” and “I will never be lost.” Many churches also include the groom’s blessings at the end of the wedding ceremony.

The ring ceremony is one type of wedding ceremony that is relatively simple. It is used when the bride has yet to marry. The couple circles each other with their hands joined, then they exchange rings. This is typically done after the bridegroom says his final blessing.

The use of video in weddings is increasing. More couples are now able to get their wedding videos shot by a professional camera, rather than by friends and relatives. With the popularity of video in weddings, more couples are using it as their traditional wedding method. This is because they can see their wedding almost instantly on their computer screen. Then, they can share it with family and friends through the internet. Although this does take away from the personal touch, it is certainly a newer way to celebrate a marriage.