Wedding Receptions – Basic Tips For Celebrating Weddings

A wedding is an occasion where two individuals are united in matrimony. Wedding traditions and cultures vary widely between cultures, religious groups, regions, and other social groups. Weddings are an occasion that marks the official beginning of a married relationship. The wedding celebration marks the union of two individuals who are legally married. There are varying customs and traditions associated with marriages.

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the wedding. Unlike the reception, the wedding ceremony usually lasts for a short duration lasting about 1 hour. It is attended by close family and friends of both the bride and the groom. This is an appropriate time to declare your commitments and also to formally request the blessings of God.

First Dance: This is a formal dance normally conducted in the hallowed halls. Before this the newlyweds first sing their first song together as a couple. The first dance also symbolizes the beginning of the married life together. In some weddings couples just perform a dance routine especially before the marriage ceremony starts. This is also a good opportunity for the newlyweds to spend quality time together.

Pre-Wedding Portraits: The photographer takes the photographs during the pre-wedding photo shoot. After this the portraits of the bride and the groom are taken. Couples who want to have some special photos with their wedding guests often hire professional photographers to take the photos at the wedding. The couple can choose to have regular pictures during the wedding ceremonies and post-ceremony pictures after the wedding ceremonies. Also, some couples prefer to have their family members or close friends to take the photographs at the wedding.

Reception: The reception is the actual party organized after the wedding ceremony. It is also the main social event for the families of both the bride and the groom. The reception includes food, drinks, dancing and speeches. In most Christian traditions the wedding invitation is received by guests at the reception hall and the couple gets together after the reception. They share some special moment together before they start their life together.

The wedding reception serves as a great way to celebrate the success of the newlywed couples. Couples who plan their weddings in a step by step manner usually end up with a great reception. There are some couples who even organize a honeymoon trip to their honeymoon destination after their wedding. The reception serves as the only party that the guests are not expected to attend, that’s why it is very important to make sure that the reception is perfect to entertain both the guests and the newly wed couple.