What is the Difference Between Graphic Design and Interaction Design?

A designer is a person whose work is aimed at transforming an idea or abstract idea into something real. A designer does not merely use his creativity or mind but also applies several other techniques and tools. To become a designer one must be imaginative, innovative, critical, decisive, inventive and artistic and should have a sense of aesthetics, logic and communication. A designer must also be very aware of the needs and desires of people so as to fulfill their requirements.

An educational qualification which has cross-functional skills is preferred by many young students who wish to pursue a career in designing. But even when a student graduates, there are many opportunities for a designer to start his own business as well. A designer can work in advertising agencies, software development, software manufacturing companies, industrial design organizations, fashion design laboratories etc. The most common areas where designers are involved in are communication design, industrial design, graphic design, multimedia design, film and TV industry and computer and software design.

Designers use a variety of designing approaches and methods to create a product or service. This includes interface design, visual design, typography, logo design, illustration, mascot design, logo concept, production design, research design, web site layout, software engineering, product development and software manufacturing. The job of a designer is therefore cross-functional and they often act as managers or executives of a project. Designers can be found in different sectors such as advertising agencies, software development, manufacturing, electronics firms, fashion houses and consumer products firms. There are even designers who work for freelance websites.

There are some key industries which employ professional designers. These industries include advertising agencies, software development, television, film and PC makers. In the past designers were also involved in the creation of motion graphics and 3D images. Nowadays, motion graphics designers are in high demand because these designers have the ability to provide superior results with the least amount of effort and cost. The main aim of motion graphics designers is to provide a realistic, visual experience for users.

A great example of interaction design is the online shopping website. This website features several interactive elements like drop down menus, pop up boxes, buttons and animated text boxes. All the interactions in this website use the interaction design principle. An interaction designer takes into consideration the usability of the user, usability of the content, usability of the design and any other issues that might be important to the designer before implementing any one of the designs. An interaction designer is a person who not only has a great creative talent but also knows about the internet and computer based software. Interaction designers are the ones who plan and implement the websites that are put up on the internet.

In the past, most people associated experience design with graphic design. But today, there are many companies in India who are providing both experience design and graphic design services. If you have any idea about what kind of work experience and graphic design does then contact an interaction designer and let them know your needs. An interaction designer will be able to understand your requirements and give you a good idea about how to proceed further. You should always remember that experience design and graphic design are completely different and it depends upon you to decide which one is more suitable for your requirements.